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The Lake Dweller Lifestyle

“What is Lake Dwellers?" A question often asked that comes with many answers. I overheard someone once say, “It’s a clothing brand”. Yes, but it is much more than that. It’s a lifestyle. It is a very unique lifestyle that isn’t understood until you experience it, one that you can’t supplement or reproduce. It is a lifestyle that makes strangers friends and friends family. A lifestyle, that if only for the weekend, the anticipation leading into it makes the week days fly by. It is the memories the photos the freedom. It is the sun, the wind, the refreshing water. It is the drifting, the anchor down, the swimming. It is the boarding, the skiing, the tubing. It is going fast or taking your time. The late nights and early mornings. The good fishing and good eating. It is all that and more… It is the Lake.

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